Mike Shermon

Analyzing The Mysterious Side Of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing made its presence felt much earlier than all of us know. The boundaries of this technology are not just limited to technical rationale, indeed they are being determined by the economic rationale as well!

Today, economical rationale is highly important while cloud computing adoption is a top-down approach in every organization. No work can be done without it. One of the fastest growing cloud computing markets is India. Gartner Reports suggest that the Indian market is expected to grow upto half a billion dollars during 2014.

advantages_of_cloudcomputing 2.jpg

This instigates the very common saying that the cloud will stay!
We are living in such a techno-age, where cloud computing is a part of the commonly known SMAC bandwagon- Social, Media, Analytics and Cloud. Modern businesses cannot do without these 4 and completely rely on them. If you leave even a single component, then your business is missing...

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